ETG Sp. z o. o.

Who we are?

The Temporary Employment Agency of ETG Ltd. headquartered in Yaroslav is based on the knowledge that employees with many years of experience in temporary employment agencies and personnel management positions have.

We specialize in recruiting workers from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. In our team we have mobile bilingual coordinators who work with our Clients, and we also have a network of employees in practically every region of Poland and Ukraine, which contribute to our recruitment. We have several offices throughout the country. Each Company also has a guardian at our headquarters who coordinates employment and ongoing cooperation.


Who are we hiring?

They are mostly people in production jobs, but we also hire specialists and international drivers.


Recruiting partners :

We select personnel tools for a specific client, both on social media on recruitment portals and through advertising campaigns outside the Internet. We are working with almost 60 partners in Ukraine on recruitment from Ukraine and also mainly with persons from our approximately 2,000 base of former and current employees.

Partnerzy rekrutacyjni

Our proposal:

The selection of our services takes place after familiarizing ourselves with the needs of the Client and the current personnel policy. Below is an overview of the services we can offer.



Recruitment and recruitment of workers

The process of selecting employees from the primary and secondary market is completed by the selection of the candidate by the Client.

Advantages of external recruitment:

  • the possibility of employment without disclosing the name of the employer;

  • an access to competing ;

  • the selection of applications, meeting only with candidates who meet expectations;

  • the facilitating the recruitment work of the Personnel Division;

  • the external service invoice.


Offer of temporary employment

As part of the proposal, the agency takes care of both staff selection and personnel and pay issues of temporary employees.

Advantages of temporary work:

  • Facilitate the work of the Personnel Division in the area of recruitment (advertising, interviews, reference checks

  • Agency’s assumption of administrative functions (the referral to medical examinations, the signing of the treaty, the payment of the ZUC, the remuneration, etc)

  • The short-term termination of temporary employment contracts in the event of dissatisfaction with the quality of the work performed by the employee - from 3 days to 1 week.

  • The possibility to sign multiple contracts with an employee without the need for an indefinite contract. A temporary worker may work for the same employer max. 18 months for the next 36 months.

  • The possibility of a temporary worker being employed by the Client during the period of inspection.
    w okresie weryfikacji.

  • the continuous in-house staffing.

  • the recruitment during the leave period.

  • The invoice for the external order service.



The servicing of short orders

We offer support during short-term measures.


The Agency is on the basis of an order received acting collaborators under civil agreements.

The prices are calculated on the basis of the qualification form provided by the Client.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us, we'll advise you and we'll find a job offer for you.